Saturday, 5 July 2008


This morning Bishop Brian arrived at The Cathedral to ordain two men to the diaconate, John Boggan and Edward Miller. Both men will serve the diocese in parishes, working alongside the parish priest and being the eyes and ears of the bishop. The celebration had a great sesne of occassion, helped dramatically by the wonderful singing of our Cathedral choir - great job done again guys!

In his homily, Bishop Brian highlighted many aspects of the diaconate ministry, but ephasised the phrase used as the Book of the Gospels is handed to the newly ordained deacon; "Receive the Book of the Gospels whose hearld you now are. Believe what you read, preach what you believe and practice what you preach." A great motto or rule of life that we could all adopt as our own.

The Mass of ordination was followed by a buffet reception in the local high school. Sadly byt he time I got there the food was all gone!!! So the Canon and I slopped off to Ask for a quick bowl of pasta and a glass of something chilled ......

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