Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Window Restoration Fund!

Great news! As of today our fundraising efforts have reached £10,500! Only £29,500 to go!


Today we took delivery of our digital organ which will be on hire to us whilst our own organ is out of action during the west window restoration. The guys have been in their for hours setting it up, sorting out speakers and now giving it its voices! I'm no expert, it sounds all very complicated, but sounds wonderful! It is very difficult to tell the difference between the pipe organ and this digital one. I just hope our organists don't get to like it too much!!!!

Sunday, 5 October 2008

How far????

Sponsor forms are now out in all three of our churches for my sponsored walk. In a mad moment I agreed to walk with a group of young people on their sponsored walk from my home town of Wallasey to the Cathedral here in Shrewsbury, it's only a distance of about 60 miles!!! We are doing the walk over three days, so even I should be able to manage that!!! I just hope it doesn't rain too much later in October when we are doing the walk - pray for fine weather please!!!!!! The young people I am walking with are raising funds for their Lourdes pilgrimage next year, I'm walking to raise funds towards the Cathedral Window Restoration Fund.