Sunday, 27 November 2011

Cathedral parish Announcment

The following statement was read out today at all the Masses in the three parishes of Shrewsbury town currently served from The Cathedral:

Under embargo until 6.30pm Saturday 26th November 2011

Statement to be read at the end of all Masses on the 26th/27th November.

Parish Amalgamation:

For the last four years the three parishes of The Cathedral, Our Lady of Pity and Saint Winefride have been linked as a Local Pastoral Area and have shared clergy. Bishop Mark has made the decision that the time is now right to take the next step and to amalgamate the three parishes into one parish - one parish with three church buildings.

In practice very little will change: the three churches will remain open, Sunday Masses will be at the same times, pastoral care will continue, as it always has. The amalgamation is really an administrative streamlining, consolidating our resources: people, finances, structures and so on.

The finer details of how we will run this new parish are still being considered. It goes without saying that parishioners from all the former parishes will be involved. Please be as patient, generous and supportive as you can be, as we take this new and exciting step together. May the new parish be a real force for good in the town!

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